Wed 23.08.17

Wally en Matinée Emancipée: vrouwen zingen P

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An Antwerpian urbanite and ladies around a university graduate!

WALLY is the wonderfully melancholy ‘sidekick’ of Tourist LeMC who managed to charm alert local radio stations with big hit ‘Horizon’, but also with his own ‘Misère’. So to hear, from Antwerp, but he doesn’t have to hide that face. His compelling ‘Misère’ also situates itself amongst extra scraps of flamenco, hip hop, gritty grunge or cheerful folk influences.

MATINEE EMANCIPEE: women sing P! A musical theatre project by TAZ alias Theater Aan Zee in Oostende (and it’s actually entitled Soirée Emancipée, but for obvious reasons…) With (of course) Jan De Smet, Jean Blaute, Stoy Stoffelen…  Plus deluxe divas like Fay Lovsky, Maaike Cafmeyer, Nele Paelinck, Inneke Nijssen… A suPer folly-Programme around the sPecial rePertoire of Heinz Polzer alias Doctorandus P, alias Drs.P. For the keen connoisseurs: it will no doubt be sandwiches with ‘Knolraap en lof, schorseneren en prei’!

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