Tue 28.08.18

Tom Kestens + Wannes

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Brilliant and cherished, from Small Brabant to Big Antwerp

BOTERHAMMEN IN HET PARK 2018: Free summer festival on the charming bandstand at the Warande park, in the heart of Brussels.

Moved to Mechelen and is known there as a very right-minded person. But most importantly, for us he’s an inspired musician. Right from the primal version of Das Pop, via his own airy Lalalover, plus diverse soundtracks or even as a Prince tribute, to his very own, fresh Dutch-language songs. E.g. that enchanting ‘Ochtendgloren’, around about noon and in green.

WANNES (also ten years ago)
Sandwiches with holograms? Not exactly, but certainly with a select group of musicians and ex-mates, now that Wannes Van de Velde passed away ten years ago. No tralala, praises or analyses, just melomaniac oohlala with Koen De Cauter (vocals/soprano sax/guitar), Lucas Van den Eynden (vocals), Tiny Bertels (vocals), Hans Mortelmans (vocals/guitar), Marc Hauman (vocals /guitar), Jan De Smet (vocals/accordion/ukulele), Stefan Wellens (violin), Bernard Van Lent (accordion), Walter Poppeliers (contra bass) and An Heynen (vocals/nyckelharpa).


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