Wed 02.10.19

Tiny Moving Parts

+ Microwave, Lizzy Farrall

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Unique mix of emo, pop-punk and math-rock (with Flood Floorshows)

As a part of 40 Years of AB, the programming team deliberately relinquishes its task to others and invites various (inter)national curators and organisations to provide an exciting, varied and cutting-edge programme in their place. One of these organisations is Flood Floorshows, from Dendermonde: active since 2011, with DIY shows / a vinyl label / distro. As no other, they have had their finger on the pulse when it comes to subgenres within the punk, emo and hardcore scenes. They have personal approach for promoting events for national and international artists, always around the three basic values: passion, independence and amplification!

“We’re passionate about working out shows whereby we do our very best to offer young artists opportunities in the larger club circuit. By ‘independence’ we mainly mean that we don’t want to be weighed down by sponsors or permanent subsidies. In this way we remain alert and active in our search for challenging and exciting new artists.” - Kristof Van den Eede, founder of Flood Floorshows.

The American brothers William (drums) and Matthew Chevalier (bass, vocals), together with their cousin Dylan Mattheisen (guitar, vocals), form the family band Tiny Moving Parts. A trio that presents a mix of pop-punk, emo-rock and math-rock doused in arresting lyrics and an energetic drive. Tiny Moving Parts remains true to that sound on their, now fourth, LP 'Swell'. Clean vocals alternate with raw screams, classic Midwest-emo gets a thick layer of math-post hardcore & pop-punk, and their lyrics remain simple yet oh-so fine. They’ve already toured with the likes of Japanther, Into It. Over It., and Modern Baseball but are now the headliner in AB Club.

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