Sat 09.03.19

The Germans & Zero Years Kid

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2 Belgian bands launch albums

Collaboration with Les Ateliers Claus, tickets here.

On their new album 'Sexuality' (Unday Records), The Germans challenge the culture of self-promotion and ‘being famous’ by showing both their ugliest and sexiest sides at the same time. The tone is confusingly kinky, raw, sometimes uneasy and even abrasive, but also erotic, sweaty and exotic. What sexuality. Put to tape by producer Micha Volders (Meteor Musik). Primitive percussion, dilapidated guitars, an obscene Hammond organ and many other instruments all form a mash of psych, easy-listening, Flemish polyphony and cocktail-jazz.

Zero Years Kid, the new collaborative project of Joachim Badenhorst and Sean Caprio, presents its debut ‘Ongerijmd rijmen’ on March 5. On it, they present a unique mix of experimental noise-rock, global sounds and r&b with Dutch-language lyrics.

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