Thu 01.11.18

Steve Wynn & Chris Cacavas

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Duo-trip with the singer-songwriters of the Paisley Underground

Eternal friends and founders of the rather sensational Paisley Underground, a Californian alias for catchy songs with especially fine harmonies and well-oiled waves of guitar. Now finally back 'on the Euro-road' together.
There was already a studio- and live-collaboration last year, for 'How Did I Find Myself Here' – the comeback album of The Dream Syndicate. In ABClub they will perform solo and duo material, a selection from their rich catalogue: 'Expect old favorites, as well as surprising 'deep cuts' and even a surprise cover song or two.' And we might even get an extra foretaste of a brand new Dream Syndicate CD?

For fans of The solo careers of both driven frontmen, Gutterball, Danny & Dusty, Green on Red, Stan Ridgway, Giant Sand, Calexico & co.

AB fun fact In diverse forms, they’ve appeared in AB ten times all together.
Fun fact A unique tandem, these two. They even manage to get around the world without expensive videos!


Weer een zeer bezield concert gezien van twee pracht(mensen)muzikanten. Spijtig dat volgende concerten van deze tournee de bas moeten missen want die gaf wat extra schwung aan de muziek
Twee klasbak-songwriters. Altijd garant voor een avond kwaliteitmuziek en topentertainment. Cacavas mag van mij meer solo-ruimte krijgen. Verdient meer waardering.
Mogen allebei iedere week terugkomen. Speelplezier druipt er af.
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