Tue 27.08.19

Slongs + Berlaen

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30th edition of Boterhammen In Het Park!


Now even more impressive than last year: our 30th edition! Huge party vibes and energy squared, for indeed: 30 = 1² + 2² + 3² + 4²!

Or in plain language, translated from the Dutch and/or Flemish language that will once again determine the musical selection: everyone is welcome to this FREE MUSIC FESTIVAL, IN THE HEART OF BRUSSELS, 5 AFTERNOONS in the LAST WEEK of AUGUST, on that unique bandstand in the WARANDE PARK, just above CENTRAL STATION, between metro stops PARK and KUNST/WET, and with diverse BUS and TRAM networks nearby.

Ancienne Belgique does Again its very Best.


Look no further: his website is called ‘berlaenfromzulte’. So even in Brexitania they should be able to find Wouter Berlaen for a serve of subtle pop-rock.  In the dialect of Zulte, true, but ever cleverly swinging and well packaged. Do you remember prize beasts like ‘Brengt ui zuster mee’ or ‘Ge zij were zat’. Or brace yourself for his latest, fourth album… a real vinyl LP yet again, with even more of those big hits for on the bandstand: ‘Kort & Krachtig’, ‘Oltijd Blijv’n Goan’ and tiens tiens: a ‘Moeste’k Stijn Meuris Zijn’ too!?


A few years ago in the Warande Park: an entire afternoon with plenty of Raymond van het Groenewoud… and mentioned many times on his ‘setlist’: Charissa! That’s the real name of Slongs (previously still Dievanongs) and she did indeed come liven up quite a number of songs. And what’s good for RvhG is good for BihP, surely that’s obvious!? Certainly now that the fluidly flowing rapster from Antwerp has completed her new CD ‘#GOEGAAN’. Or, as could also be read in the diary of a certain Anuna, ‘such a cool chick’

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Super initiatief, en dito middag En ook een dikke pluim voor de vertalers, van de doventolken.... Met 2 deze taak, op hun nemen, chapeau, in dit warme weer.. Ik heb super genoten, van Berlaen, en Slongs. Nog veel succes gewenst, de volgende dagen Gegroet vanuit Eeklo ;-)
Slongs en haar band waren steengoed ! Dit is topniveau.
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