Fri 29.11.19

Rewind: Arid plays 'Little Things Of Venom' (1999)

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Arid plays their entire 20-year-old debut during a one-off reunion

In 2007, AB launched a timeless series: ◄◄ REWIND. Central to this series are Belgian artists who perform ‘their classic’. Call it a milestone in their career, or more so: a key album in Belgian pop music. It is often – but not always – about albums that are etched into collective memory. Call them points of reference in the Belgian music landscape. So, in other words, each ‘pièce de résistance’ is performed in its entirety. Completely? That’s right, in the exact order that the artist wanted (or still wants) to tell his/her tale.

With ◄◄ REWIND, AB also contributes to the activation of Belgian musical heritage. Already passed in revue: ‘The Ideal Crash’ (dEUS ), ‘The Kids’ (The Kids), ‘Op Zoek Naar Romantiek’ (Guido Belcanto), ‘Jonge Helden’ (Arbeid Adelt!), ‘Gorky’ (Gorki),‘1981-1984’ (The Neon Judgement),‘Royalty in Exile’ (The Scabs), ‘Nooit Meer Drinken’ (Raymond van het Groenewoud), ‘De Mens’ (De Mens), ‘The Ship’ (Luc Van Acker), ‘Une Ball Dans La Tête’ (De Puta Madre), ‘Hè Hè’ (Jan De Wilde), ‘Laïs’ (Laïs) and ‘Struggle for Pleasure’ (Wim Mertens).

Arid plays ‘Little Things of Venom’ (1999)
‘Little Things of Venom’ remains the highly acclaimed debut by Arid that will blow out exactly 20 candles in 2019. As tradition dictates: this moment must be marked! In no small way! Especially for the occasion, just this once, Arid will reunite to entirely play their very first issue as a part of ◄◄ REWIND.

Arid made it into the final of Humo’s Rock Rally ’96 and, as befits every good band, allowed its songs and sound to ripen. That resulted in the instantly successful debut ‘Little Things of Venom’, which effortlessly went gold. There were no less than five (!) singles from the album: ‘Too Late Tonight’, ‘Believer’, ‘Life’ ‘All Will Wait’ and ‘Me and My Melody’. In the following years, the band harvested every possible achievement. They played at Rock Werchter (’99 and ’00), sold out the Main Hall of AB twice (’00), were taken on tour by Suede (’99) and Counting Crows (’00), and the album was even released in the United States (by Columbia under the title ‘At The Close of Every Day’). 

Please note: this really is a one-off reunion. After this show, Jasper Steverlinck will again focus on new work that is to see the light of day in ’20.

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