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Pigeon On Piano

Pigeon On Piano

Second CD - live launch!

  • Concert
  • Location:
    AB Club
  • 05 October 2017
  • 19:00 doors
    20:15 Pigeon On Piano

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  • Thierry.Boi493596

    Een prachtige, breekbare en gevoelige set. Top niveau.

  • jovdk

    Het waren twee héél goede muzikanten of moet ik zeggen 'duifjes' ? , maar iets té klassiek. Er zat niet echt iets vernieuwends of moderns in, eigenlijk té brave muziek voor de AB. Het verteert té gemakkelijk , dus een uurtje na het concert ben je alles reeds vergeten. Geef mij maar Nils Frahm, die doet spectaculaire dingen met zijn klassieke vorming waardoor het altijd meeslepend is, zelfs verslavend.

  • Roland.Maes594082

    Just fantastic!!

Videos about Pigeon On Piano

Second CD - live launch!

Pigeon on Piano is the musical project of pianist Katrien Verfaillie. Katrien compiled a first CD in 2014, with eleven own compositions. She has played around 75 concerts in cultural centres and clubs, for businesses and in living-rooms, even live on the Radio 1 session with Kommil Foo (2015).

During the summer 2017 she amazed the (festival-)world with an exceptionally original concept: the one-person concert venue in the form of a dovecote.

If keys could tell…

Katrien Verfaillie – from Ghent but with roots in the Westhoek – composes and plays her own work on piano. Her creations are bathed in melancholy. They balance somewhere between new-classical and the minimalism of e.g. Wim Mertens or Michael Nyman.

Playing piano is her passion. Every day anew. Starting with a clean slate, Katrien puzzles together her pieces until every note, every timbre, every feeling is just right. Resisting rules, unpredictable and yet harmonious. She performs like an experienced pianist and lets the keys tell the tale of her compositions.

Live, Pigeon is a phenomenon. Listening and viewing is an almost filmic experience.

Katrien will be accompanied in the ABClub by Beatrijs De Klerck on violin. Two women, one acoustic grand piano, one violin. For 75 minutes of intense enthusiasm.

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