Tue 07.05.19

Outernational narratives (Europe Day Talks)

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Outernational Narratives (Europe Day Talks)

For its 5th edition of Europe Day, Ancienne Belgique invests in ‘outernational narratives’. Hosted by Liveurope, this event is the opportunity to celebrate Europe through what matters most to us: music and culture.

Ahead of the upcoming elections, it becomes more than urgent to give another perspective on Europe’s multi-faceted realities. This question will be explored through a series of panels where artists, labels, media, music professionals and political figures will share their idea of Europe with the audience.

This event will be followed by concerts featuring the Turkish psych compilation Saz Power. Hailing from all corners of Europe, its brilliant artists encapsulate the new outer-national generation. At a time of identarian closure, let’s take a step to the side and explore the concept of multiple identities and musical boundlessness!


All talks and panels will be in English.

Free entrance, priority access with registration. First come, first served!

Outernational narratives (Europe Day Talks) – 15h00 to 19h00

1.     Venues as hubs for new European talent 15h30–16h30

Liveurope was born out of a challenge: boosting the international careers of emerging European artists. Four years after its launch, we see that the support brought be the EU encouraged our venues to book four times more new European artists.  What if this success could benefit to hundreds of venues in Europe, and ultimately showcase dozens of thousands of emerging artists in all corners of the continent?

2.     Turkish Psych: Reviving outernationality 16h45 – 17h45

The past few years have seen a renewed interest in the Turkish psych scene of the 60s. A new generation that dubs itself as “outernational” coming from all over Europe has been digging records from that period, thus mixing old Turkish music gems with modern grooves.  What does this trend tell us about the future of the European music scene?

3.     New European stories: a cultural narrative 18h00 – 19h00

The upcoming European elections beg the burning question: how can we speak about Europe in a refreshing way? How to interest the general citizens into EU issues, by going beyond its bureaucratic dimension, and by investing more in its culture?

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