Mon 01.02.16

Marc Ribot + Rudy Trouvé + Ignatz

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Three characters. Equally many (solo)explorations on guitar

8 pm
Ignatz (b)
The music of Ignatz – the alter-ego of Bram Devens – is thoroughly elusive and could have been taken from the mother of all compilations: Harry Smith’s superb ‘Anthology Of American Folk Music’. But then with a generous dash of Velvet Underground. Ignatz has already opened for artists like Six Organs of Admittance and Sir Richard Bishop and is undoubtedly one of the characters of the Belgian music scene.


Character #2 of the Belgian music scene, who describes himself as a DIY-er and as a bad guitarist annex sound-fetishist. Made the difference, back in the day, with dEUS and Dead Man Ray and has been the driving force behind the Heaven Hotel label for 20 years now. His guitar sound – whimsical and lo-fi – is immediately identifiable in a blindfolded listening test.


Just like the sound of master guitarist Marc Ribot, for that matter. Just take a listen to his collaborations with – do you have time? - Tom Waits, John Zorn, Elvis Costello, The Black Keys or Robert Plant. You recognize Ribot’s unique sound every time. Ribot only passes by AB every 10 or 15 years though, in ’91 and more recently in ’00. So don’t miss this ride.


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Ignantz : it's cool to play blues but it's far more better with rythm... ( The guitar effect was as bad as the voice's one). About Rudy Trouvé : I could explain why with many reasons but I will be brief : just quit. On the contrary for Marc Ribot : that guy is impressive he's got a lot of technical skills ! :)
had gaarne nonkel Mark ook elektrisch weten beroeren, doch hij was als vanouds vrijwel subliem - Igantz was ook vét; altijd miserie als de effecten-bakjes niet meewillen, toch zeer professioneel onder gebleven anders - en onze Rudy, wel, zonder onbeleefd te wíllen worden: naast al die visuele troep en belachelijke bindteksten, viel het nog mee... raeymaekers528420
Ignatz met zijn bezwerende muziek - ondanks de technische storingen , en zeker Rudy Trouvé : een zeer aangename kennismaking. Kende van de laatste enkel zijn naam. beide heren maakten het geheel luchtig. Enkel en alleen Marc Ribot zou wat te zwaar op hand gelegen hebben. Kortom: goeie formule. (krijg ik nu een pintje? :-))
Pros.Van Heddegem518662
Ribot was super. Ignatz worstelde met apparatuur. Trouvé was wat onnozel.
white ass middle class pseudo intellectual gangbang!
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