Sat 23.03.19

Leyla McCalla / Eriksson Delcroix

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A groovy double bill with a New Orleans allure

Leyla McCalla

Cajun, creole, zydeco, traditional jazz from New Orleans, rara from Haiti, Americana folk ... its all in there. Her third CD, The Capitalist Blues, with even more Bayou influences (CD out here via Pias.)

Leyla McCalla is at home in both Haiti and New Orleans (via New York and the Carolina Chocolate Drops) and the French Les Inrocks also mentions: '...tire profit de ces deux cultures pour explorer le folk ancestral, avec un violoncelle, un banjo et une voix en or.'

Eriksson Delcroix

This Saturday night now becomes a sultry, groovy double-bill with even more New Orleans allure: we already start at 7:30pm, with new exciting work from Eriksson Delcroix and their entire ensemble: Bjorn Eriksson and Nathalie Delcroix, plus Peter Pask (bass), Alain Rylant (drums), Tim Coenen (guitar, percussion), Karl Eriksson (banjo, accordion) and Elko Blijweert (guitar). New CD Riverside Hotel will be out as of February.

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In the press Leyla McCalla:
After that concert, a memorable 4 star review in De Standaard: 'Zwarte roots van country...indrukwekkend zelfbewust... authentieke rootsmuziek met een groot geweten... rauwe, doorvoelde vertolkingen zonder de minste opsmuk... haar frisse aanpak van 'old timey-muziek' zal haar snel terugbrengen. Het is er de tijd voor... ze gaat aandacht trekken... u hoort nog van haar'

AB fun fact She was here for a very first time with a 'full house' Huis 23.


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