Fri 22.11.19

Ictus Ensemble & Jérôme Noetinger & Antoine Chessex (b/fr/ch) + 64 Feet (b)

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Premiere of new piece by Chessex for Ictus & Noetinger

A collaboration between Ancienne Belgique & les ateliers claus with the support of ProHelvetia

Ensemble ICTUS & Jerome Noestiger & Antoine Chessex (b/fr/ch)
The works of Antoine Chessex have over the past two decades operated at the margins of Noise, audio deconstruction and transversal artistic researches resulting in the adventurous exploration of a multiple sonic imagination. The Swiss artist has been involved in a multitude of settings and collaborations worldwide pushing the boundaries of radical sonic practices and defining a resolutely nonconformist artistic path while blurring the separation between musical genres and categories.
The premiere of this new work for Ensemble ICTUS will focus masses of sound creating a wall of bare frequencies resonating in the space like a gigantic collapsed architecture. Processing ICTUS in real time, French electronic wizard Jérôme Noetinger creates holes in the fabric of reality by shifting elastic time perception with his reel-to-reel tape recorders. Defying the borders of composition, improvisation, noise, drones, physicality of sound and intense electro-acoustic practices, this new international collaboration will explore the resonance of ruins like a speculative sonic fiction resounding the dysfunctional hegemonic machine at stake in the present time.
Hannah Kölbel, cello
Adrien Lambinet, trombone
Gerrit Nulens, percussion
Jean-Luc Plouvier, DX7
Jérôme Noetinger, Reel-to-reel tape recorders & electronics

64-Feet (b)
The duo 64-Feet was formed in 2009 when they were invited to a duo-concert on the famous historical organ ‘Torre de Juan Abad' in Spain. For his occasion they commissioned Ann Eysermans for a creation, resulting in '7 little pieces for two organists'. The combination of contemporary music played on historical organs produces special effects. The duo 64-Feet presents surprising programmes with old and new music, using new technology, live electronics and synthesizer. 64-Feet is an ensemble in residence at 'ChampdAction'; a production house and studio for contemporary music. In the summer of 2014 64-Feet has recorded a first CD on the beautiful Robustelly organ in Langdorp. that resultated in 'Miniatures': a special recording within the organ repertoire. Early music, contemporary music, graphic scores...; miniatures performed on the organ in combination with synthesizer, melodica, pandeiro and voice.

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