Mon 19.02.18

Horst talk #2 - Creatives shaping cities

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Talk about the development of a city

How does music, art, architecture, and youth culture contribute to the development of a city? Why is that creative culture so important? And then, how do you realise new projects yourself or deal with the governing powers? HORST arts & music festival gets together with AB for the second HORST talk, and together they present the story and vision of three European changemakers.


Tabitha Thorlu-Bangura - NTS Radio, London
Radio playlists are becoming increasingly repetitive and less oriented toward the underground. Eight years ago, NTS Radio decided to make use of this vacant space... NTS’s slogan “Don’t Assume” perfectly illustrates how NTS wants to overthrow the status-quo. A tale about how new ways of making radio can move a city.

Franziskus Thiem – Founder of Institut Für Zukunft, Leipzig
Over a period of four years, IFZ has come to symbolize a new form of club culture. That is evidenced by a diverse programme, their safer clubbing manifest, countless social initiatives and collaborations with the likes of De School and Tresor. Founder Franziskus Thiem presents a clear-cut vision on nightlife and the city.

Leo Van Broeck - Flemish Government Architect
The Flemish Government Architect is appointed to actively contribute to forming a vision around and reflecting on upon societal challenges (aging population, climate, changing colour, increased density, …). This vision and reflection are intended to result in policy advice and new initiatives. What is the Government Architect’s view on nightlife and experiencing culture, and how can clubs and suchlike become embedded in the context of the city?


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