Sun 16.09.18

Global Street Sounds: Ifriqiyya Electrique + Jupiter & Okwess

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Come in crowds for a free global party (and ride)

GLOBAL STREET SOUNDS sounds worldly and 'streetwise'. As of the afternoon, in and around the entire Steenstraat, in and aside the AB, this time with the Main Hall already occupied by: Ifriqiyya Electrique, AMMAR 808 and Jupiter & Okwess (see below).

Global Street Sounds is still a DIVERSE and FREE party on SUNDAY 16 SEPTEMBER. After the summer vacation, we can stir up all the senses again with a unique mix of music, culinary excursions, animation and attractions...

Oh and, 16 September is also the third Sunday of the month, so it’s CAR-FREE SUNDAY. This will be a “top gear” start to the AB season 2018/2019 too.

The free programme in the Main Hall:

This driven – or rather – fanatical Tunisian, French and Italian collective concentrates on 'adorcisme': the converse of exorcism. All spirits are welcome, yours too. Images and sounds are based upon the Banga rituals of Sidi Marzûq in the Djerid Desert, the South Tunisian Sahara. Spirits are called 'Rûwâhîne' there and that is also the title of their debut album, on the very relevant Glitterbeat label.

London Evening Standard after Womad Festival: 'More challenging and visceral was Ifriqiyya Electrique...It’s innovative and brave.'

You don’t need more than this Humo review following their show during BRDCST. 'Dan liever AMMAR 808 and The Maghreb United (***1/2). De hoog klinkende fluiten heten gasba en zukra, de man die de zijne overal tussen kringelt is een Tunesiër (Lassaed Bougalmi). De driesnarige luit is een guembri, de Marokkaan Mehdi Nassouli krijgt er een ondertussen vol gelopen AB Box mee aan het luisteren. Cheb Hassen Tej is een Algerijn, zijn zangstijl herinnert aan de 13 grootste Rai-hits die we kennen,‘Didi’ van Cheb Khaled op kop. De stem van Tunesiër Sofiane Saidi is dan weer gewoon een bom. De man die dit Maghreb United-team aanvoert heet Sofyann Ben Youssef, spoelde 10 jaar geleden vanuit Tunesië in Brussel aan, en noemt zichzelf AMMAR 808 omdat hij de roes van de Maghreb vertaalt naar zijn Roland TR-808. In het drieminutengesprekje dat wij met hem in de coulissen van de AB hebben, geeft hij toe dat zijn muziek een serieuze uitnodiging is om te dansen, en dat ze soms brutaal en lichtjes apocalyptisch klinkt. AMMAR 808 zette de AB Box op de rand van ontploffen, deed wegdromen naar vroeger (The Chemical Brothers én Front 242) en wensdromen naar een toekomst waarin Chokri Mahassine deze feestneuzen in zijn favoriete waterpijpcafé een Pukkel-contract voorlegt.'

JUPITER & Okwess
Kinshasa in da barakka! In no small way! 'Kin Sonic' is his latest, solid sounding CD (on French label Zamora, which is now internationally distributed by (again) Glitterbeat). For recordings, Jupiter also worked with Damon - Blur - Albarn and Warren - Nick Cave - Ellis. Especially on a stage, this band seriously boils over. Les Inrocks can vouch for that too: 'font bouillir un melting-pot musical et culturel ultrapopulaire... musicien iconique qui, fidèle à son étoile, n' a jamais dévié de sa trajectoire.'

More press? The Independent On Sunday: 'New contender for best Congolese band on the planet... Their turbo-charged funk rock is a cross between 'Ball of Confusion'-era Temptations and the rawest Congolese soukous...'

Programme Steenstraat: 

The Music Village: Stalin Black
This Brussels-based band consists of Stalin (KRD), Mirsad (RKS) and Moune (MG). Three continents united in one band.
Stalin Black combines a unique mix of musical styles that hover between flamenco and blues, rock and gypsy music. The band members met in open art house Globe Aroma in 2015 and soon began to perform live together. Boundaries are a taboo for them, and so they take you from the most festive music to very intimate moments.

Electrocution: Da Pemba
Brussels hip-hop project creates a rousing and exciting vibe with their Afro-Brazilian rhythms, heavy synth electronica and French rap.

Mr. Ego: Wahati Soul
Chama and Amanda got to know each other in 2015 within Globe Aroma, there was a very quick musical click between them and they decided to make music together. Their project grew into a quartet and performs swinging metropolitan future soul.

Darna vzw: TBC

Steenstraat Block Party:

Energy and eclecticism are the key words to define an IllSyll set. She constantly searches for of different musical combinations that express themselves in her mixes. IllSyll uses sounds as a language and communicates with her audience via the loudspeakers.

Drache Musicale
DJ set at night, radio during the day (Radio Panik 105.4FM)
Fresh tropical + African disco + chââbi glorifié + groove créole + séga + gnawa + cumbia + kamba + zoukbass tsétéra tsétéra. Yesss.
Drache Musicale performs his worldwide beats with FrontChaud solo in the role of sprinkler.

LOWUP is a Brussels collective of club-music lovers. DJs, producers and concert promotors of contemporary electronic music mixed with influences from all over the world.
Aside from their DJ work, they also run a label and they have a weekly radio show on BRUZZ.
During Global Street Sounds, Max le Daron and Mr. Orange will move the turntables.

JHOB (Brussels youth clubs):The Brussels youth clubs provide extra activities and a place where they can introduce themselves and sell things to raise money for their youth club dream.

Food Trucks with the best, mainly vegetarian, world kitchen that you can imagine.

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