Wed 29.08.18

Clean Pete + Frank Vander Linden

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Little Peter? Big Linden!

BOTERHAMMEN IN HET PARK 2018: Free summer festival on the charming bandstand at the Warande park, in the heart of Brussels.

A bit of a strange, clean artist name for a pair of twin sisters who have now also won a Grote Prijs van Nederland since they first dropped by during ‘De Kleine Boterhammen’ in 2014. CDs and the like will be out on the - uh - excellent Excelsior Recordings, brimming with fine sounds about the likes of uneasy silences. Pssst, Clean Pete – sisters Loes and Renée Wijnhoven - welcome to you both! Oh, around the end of the long vacation in our summery garden!

All alone amongst all the elms, maples, oaks, chestnuts, sycamores, beeches, and that’s right: linden trees! It’s been a while, back from when ‘Boterhammen In De Stad’ was at the rather stark Spain Square. Now returning, in the middle of the day, with his quietly strong album ‘Nachtwerk’. For the less alert earthlings and fellow Belgians: of course this Frank is also the frank frontman of rock ensemble De Mens, so now solo in the shadow for euphonious catharsis.


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