Thu 30.08.18

An-Sofie Noppe + Buurman

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Charming chansons, or better: comely songs, OK: radio hits too!

BOTERHAMMEN IN HET PARK 2018: Free summer festival on the charming bandstand at the Warande park, in the heart of Brussels.

As yet unknown? Just wait: recently completed her debut album ‘Wij blijven hier’, sturdily supported by the hyper-capable Wouter Berlaen and apparently it came about thanks to crowdfunding. On her website, An-Sofie Noppe further announced: ‘writes and sings Dutch-language songs, guides musical ramblings, records children’s songs, gives music workshops, teaches folk singing, loves flamingos … ‘ That last bit wasn’t so obvious, might canaries not have been a better musical choice?

Only the neighbours of cartoonist Zak are more entertaining. No un-called for horsing around with trendy tendencies here but rather squarely opting for harmonious beauty and broadly layered songs: the trademark of the band around Little Peter? Big Linden!
Geert Verdickt. Now on to their fourth CD already: ‘Dans & Dwaal’. Launched in late 2017, in a full AB Club. Keep an eye open for ‘Bladeren Van Goud’ in the Warande Park?

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