Tue 29.01.19


+ Rumbaristas

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Exclusive mestizo party!

That energetic clique around Spanish singer Amparo Sánchez. Musical keywords are: mestizo, rock and reggae... and also a particularly healthy dose of social commitment and a great vibe.

For fans of Amparo Sánchez solo, mentor Manu Chao, the buddies from Calexico and Depedro, La Pegatina, Jaune Toujours, up to and including The Clash.
AB fun fact Fourth time Amparo, best time Amparanoia!
Fun fact The band’s name is a contraction of Amparo and paranoia, of course, but it also contains 'amparar', which means 'to protect'.



zalig dit feestje zo midden in een koude, winterse week! helemaal opgewarmd
Topavond gehad. Rumbaristas was ideale opwarmer en Amparanoia was schot in de roos. Viva mestizo music.
Chaleur, énergie, une pêche d'enfer: le concert idéal en plein coeur de l'hiver!
Que energia! Muchissimas gracias Amparo y banda.
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Exclusive mestizo party!


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