Mon 14.10.19

AB40 ART & MUSIC: The World of Bruegel in Black and White - Book of air VOLLK x Phlegm

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Unique rooftop concert for the inauguration of the mural by street artist Phlegm

Please note: This event takes place on the rooftop (5th floor) of the KBR (Koninklijke Bibliotheek van België / Royal Library of Belgium) located on the Kunstberg near Central Station.

Please note: Tickets for this exclusive concert, as well as for the exhibition, are for sale via: KBR Capacity is limited, be sure to book fast.

It’s been 450 years since Pieter Bruegel passed away and there is an impressive series of exhibitions and events taking place this year, around his life and work. One of those is ‘The World of Bruegel in Black and White’, an exhibition in the Royal Library of Belgium that will display unique black and white prints and etchings by this exceptional artist. To give emphasis to the exhibition, there will be the inauguration of an enormous mural by street artist Phlegm (from Sheffield, England) on the wall of KBR. He finds abundant inspiration in the work of Breugel.

AB supports this event with a concert by the 18-member Book of Air - VVOLK at a unique location: the roof garden of KBR. The theme? Time and silence. You see, the KBR baseline happens to be ‘cherish the time’ and Phlegm always intentionally works in silence. Book of Air - VVOLK unites both these elements and plays with the concept of time by playing ‘slow music’ and aiming to achieve silence.

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