Victoires de la musique! AB awarded again!

Vicoires de la Musique: the prestigious annual French music prizes, this time with Abd Al Malik and Yael Naim as rightful big winners! Forget the PopPoll, ignore the Mias, drop the Grammys, we're looking to France again for a while and are preoccupied with Les Victoires De La Musique.

The reason being this, euh, short telex that arrived:

Voici le palmarès des 26e Victoires de la Musique...:

Album de musiques urbaines: ABD AL MALIK

Artiste interprète féminine de l'année: YAEL NAIM

Artiste interprète masculin de l'année: Gaëtan Roussel

Vidéo-clip de l'année: Philippe Katerine - La banane

Album de l'année: Gaëtan Roussel - Ginger

Chanson originale de l'année: Zaz - Je veux

Spectacle musical-concert-tournée de l'année: Eddy Mitchell, ex-aequo Matthieu Chedid

Groupe ou artiste révélation du public: Lilly Wood and the Prick

Album de chansons: Bernard Lavilliers

Album rock: Gaëtan Roussel

Groupe ou artiste révélation scène: BEN l' Oncle Soul

Album de musiques du monde: HINDI ZAHRA

Album de musiques électroniques ou dance: STROMAE

Concerthall de l' année: AB


Indeed, many fine, obviously rather French, names but aside the up and coming eye-catchers ABD AL MALIK and YAEL NAIM (in AB mid-March) we're naturally also pleased to see trophies for Hindi Zahra, Ben l'Oncle Soul and Stromae!

They can kid us all they like - and there's sure to have been something snuck into the list above (he who finds it wins something, promised) - but it is still gives a boost, certainly for those fine performers that we've already cherished for a while now. Congratulations and avanti: Abd, Yael, Hindi, Ben and Stromae!

Long live the winners, their music is divine!


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