Time flies...

The Subs: one of the most painful concerts that I've photographed to date...
It had the makings of a standard concert evening: not too many people initially (as it was in the Box) and the audience was calm.
Teddiedrum (the support act) finished and the influx started.
The Subs came on stage and all hell broke loose.
Everyone around me suddenly seemed to be in a kind of dance-trance: what a vibe, everyone wanted to touch the singer, pushing, pulling, crowd surfers, a singer who climbed up onto the balcony,... Basically: mad situations for a photographer to find oneself in!

I left the building with a bleeding lip, countless elbow blows to the face, bruises, … but - above all - with a number of excellent photos!

There have been many other concerts (including Gorki) and there are many more to come but one of the most looked forward to concerts was that of Queens of the Stone Age.  I queued for tickets myself and could see then already that AB would be far too small for this band.
I left for the concert that evening with a bit of healthy stress and witnessed a great show!
Fantastic performance with a fantastic audience!

My year is now gradually drawing to an end but I'll be throwing myself back into it again this month!
'Til next time!

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