The very best of CTM festival Berlin


Nadah El Shazly presented a very original and successful mix of traditional Egyptian song with avant-garde electronica. Her set went in all sorts of directions (solo vocals, laptop-jazz, Egyptian folk, gripping groovy loops, experiment) but yet still formed one fine whole.  She held all those present in the well-filled theatre of the HAU captivated by her wonderful voice and received a long and warm applause afterwards. Nadah El Shazly plays at the BRDCST festival on 7/04.


Okkyung Lee played a sizzling set in the famous Berghain club. She played 2 improvisational pieces in which her cello and bow were squeaking & cracking and succeeded in creating a unique sound palette.


For the Holly Herndon Ensemble, this laptop artist had herself (and constant companions Matt Dryhurst and Colin Self) accompanied by a vocal ensemble of artists residing in Berlin. In spite of technical problems, she performed an excellent concert in Festsaal Kreuzberg, one that exuded playing pleasure. As warmer-upper, 5 members of the Ensemble also got do their own thing solo. Here, it was especially the pieces by Josa Peit and Lyra (Pramuk) that impressed.


Aside from concerts, CTM also presents art installations (video and digital art). Striking this year was the impressive ‘large-scale’  installation/performance SKALAR by Christopher Bauder and Kangding Ray, in Kraftwerk Berlin. Consisting of 65 round, motorised mirrors, 90 moving lights and a multi-channel soundsystem, the work influenced all the visitor’s senses. ‘In SKALAR, light is treated as a solid material that can be sculpted and shaped to architectural dimensions, evoking abstract emotional associations.’

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