The Golden Glows present their studio live-album ‘The Songbook of Harry Smith’

During a long AB concert residence, The Golden Glows took the audience along on a journey through the wonderful world of Harry Smiths’  ‘The Anthology’. Not surprising at all, as the trio from Antwerp has been immersing itself in Americana from the ’20s and ’30s for more than a decade now. Over six months, they interpreted the collection with one microphone and a warm three-vocal harmony. 'Pureness' was the magic word: acoustically and emotionally.

This concert residence resulted in the studio live-album ‘The Songbook of Harry Smith’ and a theatre tour.

Take part in the competition and have a chance of winning this wonderful album.


Aside from being a record collector, Harry Smith was also an anthropologist, filmmaker and bohemian. He collected not only albums but also:

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