As of April 2018, masses of you - our audience – made freely chosen contributions to assist Straatverplegers vzw: via the purchase of concert tickets, by depositing in the collection boxes, by leaving your cup deposits, and by buying sandwiches during our summer festival. In total, we have collected more than € 45,000. Thank you!

The organisation gives us a word of explanation about their activities: “Taking twenty of our most vulnerable homeless people off the streets of Brussels and providing them with sustainable accommodation. That is the intention of Straatverplegers in 2018. Currently our counter stands at 15. Both our streetworkers – nurses & social assistants – and our ‘house-hunters’ do their very best to meet this goal. With the support of the AB Audience too, it looks like the financial goals will be met for this year. For which, many thanks!”

Aside from the people that Straatverplegers vzw has rehoused this year, they continuously coach around 25 people who still live on the street. “And we also continue to follow the people that we have helped off the streets in previous years, to be sure that they don’t backslide. We have now pulled more than 115 patients from the streets – doing so through the support that we receive from donors and supporters and our belief that in a city like Brussels homelessness really can cease to exist.”

See how things were at our eco-lunch in AB.


Do you too believe that no person has to remain homeless? Then work on it together with Straatverplegers vzw!

·       Tell everyone that you believe that homelessness can be eradicated in Brussels!

·       Make use of all that commitment during the Warmste Week and organise a collection  to benefit Straatverplegers.

·       Make a donation directly to our bank account BE91 0014 6955 7676

        o   €7 : you donate a box of hygiene wipes
        o   €45 : you donate 15 warm drinks with which we put our patients at ease for a conversation
        o   €120 : you finance the medical material of our field teams for a month
        o   €525 : you donate the basic necessities of a new abode (bed & linen, cupboard, table, chairs and kitchen kit)

·       Marry, celebrate the birth of your child(ren) or your own birthday, and ask your family and friends to support Straatverplegers vzw for the occasion…

·       Discover the clip with Luc on their website and share it on Facebook or other social media)

·       Together, we will make an end to homelessness!

As of december, AB switches over to collecting for the 1000km for Kom Op Tegen Kanker again. Support our AB Café cycling teams via their page or by making donations when purchasing concert tickets, depositing in the collection boxes at AB, or by relinquishing your cup deposit.


Other news

We are very worried about the situation and want to do our part in minimizing the outbreak of the virus. All the concerts up to and including the 31st of August will be suspended and if possible postponed to a new date.