Sabam launches a new grant for Belgian artists

New alliance

Liveurope is proud to announce its collaboration with Sabam For Culture. Together, they want to lend a helping hand to all members of Sabam who tour in concert halls of Liveurope.

The platform, which is coordinated by the Ancienne Belgique, brings together a network of 14 European concert halls that aim to program young European talent.


© David Bajcsi
© David Bajcsi

Liveurope, which was founded in 2014 with European support, has already supported more than 1800 European artists and around 100 Belgian artists, including BRNS, Témé Tan, J. Bernardt, It It Anita, Phoenician Drive, Intergalactic Lovers, Black Wave, Charlotte de Witte and many more.

Support for Belgian artists who are member of Sabam

Because Liveurope addresses itself directly to concert halls, Sabam now launches a grant for its members.

From now on, Sabam members who perform in a Liveurope concert hall can receive financial support to cover expenses such as transport, accommodation, production and promotion.

With this grant Sabam For Culture wants to increase the success of Belgian music in some of the best concert halls in Europe (including Oslo, Budapest, Lisbon and London).

Would you like to learn more about the conditions of this grant? Please take a look on here.

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