Relive our Alan Lomax tribute

Those who weren't there where wrong. Yet there is hope for those who weren't able to attend our fine Report and concerts on ABTV: As of today, you can visit ABTV for the Roland concert in which he doesn't hide his special liking for blues legend Lead Belly. Aside from that you can also enjoy a number of moments from the The Golden Glows' prison-song repertoire.

During the concert series dedicated to Alan Lomax you could also obtain all sorts of books, CDs and DVDs by Alan Lomax or related souls. You will still be able to purchase these until the end of the year, but then in record shop Electrocution, a close neighbour of the AB. Only one address: Steenstraat 37, 1000 Brussels. Open Monday to Saturday from 11am until 6pm. You'll be sure to find a fine Christmas present.

Alan Lomax traveled through Italy together with his Italian colleague Diego Carpitella from the summer of 1954 until January 1955. Last year a fantastic photo book covering this journey was published, ‘L'anno Più Felice Della Mia Vita’ (The Happiest Year of My Life) by Goffredo Plastino. The Ancienne Belgique presented a photo-exhibition based upon this book in the Musical Instrument Museum. A powerful selection from this exhibition can be viewed during the month of November in the Abrestaurant. It gives an insight into the life's work of the late Alan Lomax.

Other news

We are very worried about the situation and want to do our part in minimizing the outbreak of the virus. All the concerts up to and including the 7th of June will be suspended and if possible postponed to a new date.