Refugees For Refugees: première & album presentation 'Amina'

Refugees for Refugees brings together renowned musicians from Syria, Tibet, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan and Belgium who are united by their desire to weave links between their music. The group has developed an original repertoire at the crossroads between their different traditions. Following two years of collaboration, this second album writes a new chapter in the Refugees for Refugees story. It represents reconstruction, the fresh energy needed to map out a new trajectory after being uprooted. Breaking down musical barriers, the group offers a rich menu of sounds, from lively Afghan popular songs to the refinement of the classical tradition from Aleppo and Baghdad, through the pure power of nomadic Tibetan chants, the weightless sounds of the Pakistani sarod, the subtleties of the Turkish oud and oriental percussion. Amina was one of the first compositions that provided anchor points between the musicians in the group. Written by the bard Aman Yusufi, who was separated from his family on his journey, Amina represents encounters and the sharing of a new life full of hope.

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The musicians:


Aman Yusufi (dambura, voice  - Afghanistan)

Dolma Renqingi (voice - Tibet)
« The band represents very different countries, it's really magical to be able to make music together. And I am very happy to have the opportunity to present to everyone the music of Tibet» (Dolma)

Kelsang Hula (voice and dramyen - Tibet)
Tammam Alramadan (ney), Tareq Alsayed (ud) – Syria
Fakher Madallal (voice, percussion - Syria)

Asad Qizilbash (sarod, violin, voice - Pakistan)
« To make it happen, we have to agree with each other, so we learn a lot also”» (Asad)

Tristan Driessens (ud, artistic direction - Belgium)
Simon Leleux (percussions - Belgium) 
Souhad Najem (qanun – Iraq)

Watch the official teaser of Amina here!

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Other news

We are very worried about the situation and want to do our part in minimizing the outbreak of the virus. All the concerts up to and including the 31st of August will be suspended and if possible postponed to a new date.