Presentation of guitar to winner of Chic Le Freak competition

On Saturday 1 October the winner of our Chic Le Freak will finally receive his prize guitar. That is almost 4 months after the concert and the competition. That's how long Quentin (or Kent1? or Kwinten?) has had to wait for his personally autographed Nile Rodgers Fender Stratocaster. As if, all that time, he'd won an air-guitar!? While in fact, according to our customs office on August 26, we're really talking about a 10 kg package valued at hundreds of dollars.  A pretty serious box that, following sufficient phone calls and mails and €167,35 import taxes, finally landed in the AB and arrived at a contented Quentin. Yep, next time it would be best to have the guitar ready on the day of the concert itself! The Chic concert and the competition were a funky and fine enough party to maybe repeat again sometime in the future. After all, Nile rhymes with smile!








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