Only a few more sleeps: are you ready for our free summer festivals?!

The summer holiday is coming to an end. True to tradition, AB rounds it up in an entirely appropriate way: with two vibrant – and free! – summer festivals.

Boterhammen in het Park

From Monday 26 to Friday 30 August, we await you every afternoon in the Warande Park for Boterhammen in het Park. Every day, as of 12:00 midday, we serve you up a slice of Dutch language music for your sandwich. Be it the playful guitar tunes of Kapitein Winokio or the hyperactive musical antics of Bart Peeters, ‘De Bokes’ are there for everyone. Interested in the entire line-up? You can find it here.

By the way, on every festival day, in De Standaard you will find a voucher for a free sandwich that can be exchanged at the festival for a Broodje Plezier with delicious Président cheese.


Once night falls over the Warande Park, it is time for the Feeërieën. Every day, as of 7:00pm, you can discover a mix of jazz, electronica, global sounds and unique AB productions. Here you will find, all in one go, hyperactive footwork from Chicago, uplifting disco-funk from Somalia, Turkish psychedelica, a stunning soprano voice, an Ethiopian harpist who plays ‘King David’s Harp’, a male choir that summons the vibe of Kurt Weill, and a dash of vivid Afro-American poetry.
You can discover the complete line-up, with Dez Mona and Dur Dur Band (amongst others), here.

Support Straatverplegers vzw

Straatverplegers vzw is an organisation that is committed to ending homelessness in Brussels. There are various ways for you to contribute from on the festival area.

Discover how you can support Straatverplegers vzw and why we at AB think this initiative is so important.


Walking Tours

Brukselbinnenstebuiten wants to teach Brusselians and non-Brusselians to read and understand their capital.

They celebrate 30 years of Boterhammen in het Park together with AB and, on every day of the festival, they offer a tour before and after the Boterhammen. In the morning you span the slope of Central Station to the festival area, where you are rewarded with a free drink and sandwiches. After every concert, they take the children (8y – 12y) along on a walk through the Royal District. You can also visit them at the Bruksel stand in the Warande Park.

Taking part in the walking tour only costs €5. You can enroll beforehand or on the spot (at the Bruksel stand). An overview of all their walking tours can be found on the Brukselbinnenstebuiten website.

We go for green

AB has a heart for music and for our planet. Sustainability is a decisive factor in all our decisions. By also stimulating environmentally conscious choices in our artists, staff, audience, commercial partners and suppliers, we want to reduce our ecological footprint by 5% every two years.

Discover which initiatives we take to keep Boterhammen in het Park and Feeërieën as green as possible.

Klaar voor? See you there!

Other news

We are very worried about the situation and want to do our part in minimizing the outbreak of the virus. All the concerts up to and including the 31st of August will be suspended and if possible postponed to a new date.