OH LA LA LA! Drink a glass of wine and support cancer fund Kom Op Tegen Kanker!

Bourgondiërs: good news! It has now become a tradition, but the exceptionally tasty wine from which the funds raised will go to Kom Op Tegen Kanker, has arrived again. This year there is:

-       Oh La La La white wine (Chardonnay ), very tasty with the likes of fish dishes, guacamole, mildly spicy middle eastern/asian/oosterse dishes or ripened cheese
-       Rosé De Vlaeminck (Grenache, Syrah), excellend with swordfish carpaccio, couscous or a salad with warm goat’s cheese
-       Oh La La La rode wijn (Cabernet, Syrah), delicious with BBC, aubergine, smoked paprika and blue cheese

By the way, our bottles are again provided/foreseen with a unique, beautiful label this year. You can buy these bottles in the AB Café for €10. If you simply enjoy a glass of wine in AB, a part of the price paid will go to KOTK. Cheers!


Sponsor the AB café teams by depositing your empty cup or a donation in the urns on the AB bars. For every collected cup, €0,10 goes to Kom Op Tegen Kanker.  Make a contribution of your own choosing when ordering a ticket via the website, depositing an amount online via this page or via bank transfer to the account of Kom op tegen Kanker: BE14 7331 9999 9983 of 733-1999999-83 with the message ‘GIFT’ and the code of our team: 170 003 485.

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