Meet the artist: Who is Arlo Parks?

On 05.10 at AB as support act for Jordan Rakei. Arlo Parks is a young artist from West London. She describes her music as 'emotional' and 'confessional'. Her songs can be placed in the spectrum of the emo pop, so she brings the sound of today. 

AB: How did you start making music?
I started writing music when I picked up the guitar at around 13/14. It started off with mainly acoustic bits then I started pulling more lofi hip-hop beats off YouTube and working with those.

AB: How would you describe your music?
I would say it’s centred round emotion, it has a confessional vibe. I pull from a lot of different genres - soul, rnb, funk and rock so my style is pretty fluid, I'm not really tied down by genre.

AB: You are living in London, known for its vivid jazz scene. Does this jazz scene has an influence on your music?
To be honest I’m not really part of any scene. London definitely does inspire me though and there are a bunch of young creatives coming up which is exciting.

AB: What artists influenced your music and why?
I love hip-hop so Nas, MF Doom and Notorious B.I.G. as well as rock so Television, The Stooges and the Rolling Stones. I’m also into Parliament funkadelic and more sensitive singer songwriters like Elliott Smith and Aldous Harding.

AB: A lot of people got to know your music via pop singer Lily Allen. She made your track one of the her top five songs on Apple Music. What did you think of that?
Honestly it was incredible I think she must have heard it on the radio or something but I’m still not over it.

AB: How does it feel the be on tour with Jordan Rakei?
It’s so exciting to be able to support an artist I massively respect and travel around doing what I love. I can’t wait!

AB: 2019 must have been an important year for you. You released your first EP and went on tour. What’s on your agenda for the next couple of months?
I’m doing a lot of writing, playing a few festivals and just trying to put together some new tunes. I’m also trying to work on my own production and focus on that.

AB: What was the best concert ever you ever played and why?
Probably the show we played at Down The Rabbit Hole just outside of Amsterdam because it was my first time playing in another country where people knew me and my songs - the venue was packed and we got a standing ovation. I’ll never forget it.

AB: What are your musical ambitions?
Ideally I would love to tour in America and collaborate with a bunch of other creatives I look up to. I just want to keep doing what I love and keep connecting to people.

Order your tickets for their show at AB here!

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