Drums Are For Parades, Diablo Blvd. and Steak Number Eight roll dice for a spot on the bill

There has been quite a bit of talent from the harder genres turning up over the last few months. That's why AB figured the time right to put 3 of Belgiums most impressive bands from that corner on one stage... and wouldn't one of those pleasant Sundays in the dark month of December be ideal? Yep, op December 18 we welcome to AB's biggest stage: AB Drums Are For Parades, Diablo Blvd. and Steak Number Eight. You don't have tickets yet? Then be quick to order them here.

Alex Agnew, Brent Vanneste and Wim Reygaert played a game of poker dice in order to decide the line-up. Take a look at how it went.

No further news from the metal front: Steak Number Eight is aiming for the United Kingdom over the coming months, where a tour will take them to London, Birmingham and Leeds. Drums Are For Parades just recently released a new song in their IMPERIVM series, namely the fiery track ‘Virgin Powder Pt 1’ containing the voice of The Silver Surfering Rudeboy (from Urban Dance Squad). Hear here.

Virgin Powder Pt. 1 - Drums Are For Parades feat. The Silver Surfering Rudeboy by drumsareforparades

Alex Agnew, the singer of Diablo Blvd. just released his comedy live DVD 'Alex Agnew - Larger Than Life', available from www.alexagnew.be.

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