A late night show with Stijn after fDeluxe!

No tickets, only FREE for those attending fDELUXE!

Stijn was always from Antwerp, has been living in the centre of Brussels for a while though, and all Stijn fans know that he really grew up in Paisley Park. After all, there's no greater Prince fan than Stijn. (Except maybe Serge Simonart? He is indeed bigger!)

Stijn is coming to demonstrate something unique here: his enthusiasm! He's always done that of course, ever since his first small success 'Steentjes Gooien', through the exquisite CDs 'Euphoric', 'The World Is Happy Now’ and ‘Ten Danz', and especially during his infectious live-act: enthusiasm and  immense influence from Prince.

So STIJN is actually here to perpetrate a 'late night show with Prince': his own favourites from the immense Prince catalog - not necessarily the most well-known hits - plus an occasional own Stijn-creation!

We're curious, Stijn! Purple and tipsy from anticipation!

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