Support Kom Op Tegen Kanker, eat a (veggie) hotdog!

For the ninth year in a row, Kom op tegen Kanker organises De 1000 km. For the ninth year in a row, AB Café will be at the start and this year with no less than 27 teams. You too can sponsor the AB Café cycling teams by … eating hotdogs!

From 10 to 13 May, during the Ascension weekend, hundreds of teams will be riding the 1000 km to support the battle against cancer, to show their concern for patients & those around them, and also to do a lot of cycling. 

Help Jan Hautekiet, Wannes Cappelle, Klaas Delrue, Otto Jan HamJan PaternosterStef Kamil and Zwangere Guy over the line by buying delicious hotdogs during the concerts of: 

  • 17/01: Tjens Matic
  • 21/01: Brides Of Lucifer
  • 26/01: Natalia
  • 02/02: Triggerfinger
  • 04/02: Jasper Steverlinck
  • 14/02: Intergalactic Lovers
  • 24/2: Hamza
  • 26/4: Millionaire

  • 28/4: Romeo Elvis

  • 1/5: Selah Sue

Or... sponsor the AB Café teams by depositing money in the urns on the bars at AB, by making a contribution of your choosing when ordering a ticket online, by purchasing a bottle of Rosé De Vlaeminck in the AB Café (€10), by buying a box of delicious Valentino pralines (€10), by leaving your cup deposit for the campaign, by depositing online via this page or via bank transfer to the account of Kom op tegen Kanker: BE14 7331 9999 9983 or 733-1999999-83 with the message ‘GIFT’ and our team’s code: 170 003 485.

A a big fat wholehearted thank you, enjoy and cheers!

The AB Team

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