Sponsor the AB Café-teams for the 10th edition of the 1000km for Kom op tegen Kanker

True to annual tradition, our AB Café teams cycle against cancer for four days during the Ascension weekend. In order to be able to realise this run, our teams are looking for sponsors. Each team has to collect €5000.

Donating is easy. You can contribute an amount of your choosing while purchasing a concert ticket or you can relinquish your cup deposit in AB: the money raised will go entirely to Kom op tegen Kanker. Delicious bottles of wine will soon be available for purchase again in the AB Café, there will be a hotdog stand in the agora during various concerts and the Kom op tegen Kanker chocolate eggs will be back around Easter time.  For this 10th edition, we’re aiming for a record amount, no less!

Want to know more about the interim results? Here is where you will find up-to-date info (). By the way, you can also donate directly into the bank account of Kom op tegen Kanker BE14 7331 9999 9983 with the reference "GIFT" (important!) and the nine-figure code of our team: 170003485

As of 40 euro per year, such donations are tax deductible (Important: A donation only counts as a gift when there is no material reciprocation involved. Those who want to deposit the proceeds of a campaign, can do so via bank transfer or e-banking to BE14 7331 9999 9983 with the reference ‘ACTIE’ and the code of the team).


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