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In-house Photographer Yaqine farewells with an own expo

- By in AB In-house Photographer

We welcome Francis Vanhee as new In-house Photographer and consequently say goodbye to Yaqine Hamzaoui, In-house Photographer 2016-2017. We do that in style of course: with a mini expo of Yaqine’s work in the Agora of AB.

Collage Yaquine

Yaqine: “From the collection of photos that I have taken over the past year, I chose these 3 black & white photos as a triptych. They are 3 strong images in their own right and they sum up my year perfectly.
How well-known the artist in the photo is or my personal opinion of them: that was of no importance to me.

The photos form a series that emanates diversity in all its facets. In each photo you see an artist in their own universe. The images don’t reveal whether or not the artist is performing in AB, which is also the case for 2 of the images, they were AB concerts on location.
3 different artists, 3 different genres, 3 different nationalities on 3 different locations. Yet they still form one whole.”

Thanks for everything, Yaqine, good luck with your creative projects!


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