Belgian funk God à la Jamie Lidell, with Stubru hotshot!

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Belgian funk God à la Jamie Lidell, with Stubru hotshot!

Let’s make one thing clear: Belgium has no Jamie Lidell. No Sharon Jones. No Cee Lo Green. But Belgium does have Niels Delvaux, aka Delv!s! Our Belgian funk god sounds like all these greats, but also adds his own unique vocal sound to the whole.

And yet – that’s just how contrary we are – Delv!s can’t entirely be pushed into the funk pigeonhole. Vocally, AB’s ex-Artist In Residence is one big chunk of funk and soul. Musically, he flirts with electronica that would appeal to Flying Lotus. Evidence? Single ‘Come My Way’ – the forerunner of a new EP – was instantly bombarded to ‘hotshot’ on Studio Brussel and the many-starred reviews are thrown around after every live show. Get funky!


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