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The youngsters of DAR are bringing the British Underground

For the 3rd volume of our Darwa club nights we're yet again hosting from Ancienne Belgique - AB's amazing club venue. We're incredibly proud to present to you our very carefully curated line-up for this installment of the series:

Headlining is one of London’s gems; Mssingno, an artist who has inspired a great many with his unique and awe-inspiring sound. We’re seriously stoked to finally bring over the mystery man behind XE2's magic to the other side of the channel for his very own debut in here in Brussels. We’re sure it will have been worth the wait…

After Mssingno’s cathartic beats we’ve made sure to invite someone over who can provide just that little dose of madness every night out needs. Indeed, Madrid based DJ & producer Blastto will most likely fulfill that end. Though it is difficult to describe his sound one can be certain of hard hitting tracks that will leave ears baffled and legs sore. Be sure to check out his stuff (music links ↓↓↓↓).

Alongside our British guests are some of our finest residents and the highly energetic local live band CasseCouilles, who will make sure that this warm-up will be the hottest hour of the year. Simply put; you seriously can’t miss this one, they’re a serious treat!

After our beserk warm-up, Jonas Mergan will surely tickle your ears with a fresh and eclectic selection. Later, in between Mssingno and Blastto, a short and sweet b2b session will take place between the talented TSUGI 次 and Whyyy; the metamorphosis of Dar-veteran Wife Mandala. This fierce duo will provide us the necessary transition from MssingNo’s magic to Blastto’s madness with some of the most exciting beats today’s club scene has to offer. Finally, finishing off our special night, resident LERUS will enchant the crowd one last time with his heavily 90’s inspired fast paced 4x4-sound.

We sincerely hope to see you on this night curated with love and utmost care; for all those who enjoy a good ol’ lil’ club sesh’


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>Listen to his latest release here:

Listen to one of his banging livesets:

check out the madness:

Jonas Mergan
Check out one of his radioshows:

TSUGI 次 b2b Whyyy
Listen to Tsugi's latest release:



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