Mon 27.08.18

Brihang + Het Zesde Metaal

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t Is een vlamme said Vandamme, ’t is een peste said Vanneste: the best West Flemish and the rest

BOTERHAMMEN IN HET PARK 2018: Free summer festival on the charming bandstand at the Warande park, in the heart of Brussels.

Also already opened for closer Het Zesde Metaal a few years ago, because even AB now knows how well these two go together. Brihang is from Knokke – that’s on the East Coast – and does wonderful stuff in the arts of poetry and sculpture, and, no, he doesn’t run a gallery. He is a highly original interpreter of text and a stage former though and, between you and me: has been a winner of Studio Brussel’s De Nieuwe Lichting too (and now has a studio in Brussels!?).

Alias Wannes Cappelle & his fierce clan: Tom Pintens, Filip Wauters, Tim Van Oosten and Robin Aerts. Together they form a really tight, wonderfully honest, compellingly melodious and divinely detailed playful gang that – after fourth CD ‘Calais’ – also ranks highly again in the Poppoll, Belpop 100 or Hit List of a Low Land. With thanks to the staunchly sensitive hit ‘Ploegsteert’ and music fans also know that: “‘t is nog al nie ‘Naar De Wuppe’.”

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