mar. 11.02.20

Thurston Moore Group

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'Homecoming concert' du dernier album

Tickets disponibles via Les Ateliers Claus.

Côté presse “Moore’s personal journey from avant-garde acolyte to rock-band ringleader and back again....reaffirms that, after all these years, he’s still traveling down the expressway to yr skull, it’s just expanded to a 12-lane superhighway.” Pitchfork
“Spirit Counsel is sonically astonishing, moving between luminous, chiming figures and spectacular clouds of dissonance.” MOJO
'While his indie-rock solo albums have gotten attention since the 2011 dissolution of Sonic Youth, Thurston Moore has quietly been doing masterful work in the avant-garde sphere... 'Spirit Counsel’ puts his experimental visions in the driver’s seat.” New York Times
“Sonic Youth Noisenik in reflective mood, paying tribute to his influences with each composition ‘ALICE MOKI JAYNE’ is a dreamily ecstatic guitar army piece dedicated to Alice Coltrane, Moki Cherry & Jayne Cortez. ‘GALAXIES’ is a 12-string guitar orchestration inspired by a Sun Ra poem and ‘8 SPRING STREET’ is a dedications to Moore's former bandleader Glenn Branca. ... as a holy distillation of Moore's influences, ‘SPIRIT COUNSEL’ impresses!” Uncut



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