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St. Vincent

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Fear The Future tour

'Annie Clark - aka St.Vincent' is one of the most intriguing American songstresses, guitarists, composers, video artists, live-interpreters, up to and including guitar designer and ambassador for Record Store Day...

Enjoyable art and fancy fashion, plus David Byrne, of course, with whom she released 'Love This Giant' and presented it here in Bozar

In the Box for the first time in February '14, with Glass Animals beforehand

De Morgen regarding a previous Bota-Rotonde: '...bewerkt ze in haar songs vooral het braakland tussen The Knife en Tori Amos. De combinatie tussen ijle keyboards, verknipte ritmes en rondkringelende gitaarmotiefjes wordt aangelengd met donkere teksten over zelfbedrog en het einde van de wereld... wulpse Clark... vitale indruk... Opvallend trouwens, hoe ze in aanzet vrij conventionele popsongs schrijft, die door de grillige inkleuring live toch een scherp randje kregen... tot je zowaar aan de geschifte psychedelica van Captain Beefheart of de prille Pink Floyd moest denken.'

Are you curious what/who/how it will be this time too?

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Commentaires Inderdaad erg spijtig dat het balkon gesloten was.
I saw her previous tour 4 times and I was a little concerned how this gig would be since she was playing solo without her band. I loved the show! She is such a talent and a great performer. Especially the second set with the entire new album was excellent. And like the previous tour everyhing (her moves, the lighting..) was perfectly executed. But stop holding those smartphones above your head. It makes it very difficult for people standing behind you to have a decent view. Maybe we should just do away with phones during concerts and enjoy the concerts in 'real time'.
IT sucked without her band. The previous tour was a 1000times better!!!
The opening movie was cool. The first part of the show was good, music-wise. Second part of the show was showcasing the visuals, more than the actual songs. It was a pity she was alone on stage, as it gave strange impressions when there were background vocals and other instrumental parts from playback, and she just stood there waiting for her part.
It was a fantastic show full of surprises, right from the intro film up to her latest single 'New York'. If you could'nt see you should have moved around until you got a good view. The sound was also good, If you stood at mid front you would have been blasted by sound pressure which sounds distorted, I had the same experience in the first half, it realy payed off to move next to the desk for the last half. I also spoke to the chief mixer and was told that a full set up back stage was being run for the sounds, not a pre-recording like most people think, she even ran her guitar in stereo through a kemper and had a small amp miked up for certain sounds. In all, a super talented artist who gave us her best in bringing across her new concept, We love you Annie ! ! !
Nice setup. As somebody else said, watching from the balcony would have been a nice addition; it was closed and there was no notice about it. St. Vincent was great, even tho' the choice of having no band created some very awkward moments when the backing track would play on its own and Annie would stand with hands on her back, especially in the second act when she played Masseduction on its entirety. Should have brought at least a backing vocalist if Toko Yasuda wasn't available!
Salvatore.De Carmine661748
Very disappointing: the ballroom setup and my small size (1m70) prevented me from seeing anything except for Annie Clark's scalp and the (cheap?) video montage behind her. Moreover, the sound was very bad, which is unforgivable, considering that St Vincent was singing along to a pre-recorded soundtrack and that, as a consequence, the soundcheck should have been easy as pie. Concerning the artist's choices, the absence of a live band made the gig a very cold experience too. She also regularly sings out of tune, and her words for the audience sounded very hypocritical (and I'm not a teenager anymore: I don't get kicks out of being called a m*****f*****).
She was amazing but it was almost impossible to see her if you are only 1m70 high and not in the front rows. There should be a special set up for such a performance. So the whole show was very frustrating.
St. Vincent was great. But one of the reasons AB is a great venue is the fact that it has a balcony and we can see a rock concert seated and with a great view. It was a huge disappointment to find that the balcony was closed for the concert. Please inform beforehand, for each concert, if the balcony will be available or not.
Well thought through, aesthetic and ecstatic performance! Slight criticism for AB; would have like to have been informed beforehand about the 'ballroom' set-up without seating options.
Etonnante prestation, seule en scène. Et en apéritif un film réalisé par elle!
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