Datum Artiest Album
20/05/2011 Arid Under the cold street lights
06/05/2011 Nada Surf Live in Brussel
10/06/2010 Boudewijn De Groot Een avond in Brussel

Selah Sue

Black Part Love

29/05/2010  Jonsi Go Live 
03/04/2010 Life of Agony 20 Years Strong: River Runs Red - Live in Brussels
24/01/2010 Channel Zero Live at the Ancienne Belgique
09/09/2009 Franco Saint De Bakker Live at the Ancienne Belgique
20/03/2009 Howlin' Bill Live at Ancienne Belgique
17/03/2009 Nick Lowe Quiet Please
13/10/2008 Calexico Ancienne Belgique: Live in Brussels 2008
02/10/2008 Steve Wynn and the Dragon Bridge Orchestra Live In Brussels
2008 Thomas Lauwers Ik kom eraan
06/12/2007 Sttellla A.B. Rose
31/10/2007 The Black Box Revelation Live at the AB
23/04/2007 Briskey Big Band Live at Ancienne Belgique
22/02/2007 Bjorn Berge Live in Europe
27/01/2007 Stef Bos Storm
08/06/2006 Franco Saint De Bakker Live @ The Ancienne Belgique II
29/04/2006 Zuco 103 One Down, One Up
17/02/2006 Aqme Live(s)
16/01/2006 Bettie Serveert Bare Stripped Naked
01/01/2006 Hooverphonic Singles 96-06
2/12/2005 Daan Camera
9/11/2005 Guy Swinnen Live in Brussels
6/05/2005 Starflam Faites du bruit
27/03/2005 Ozark Henry Easter Sunday, Live at the Ancienne Belgique, Brussels
12/09/2005 Arno Live in Brussels
17-19/01/2005 El Tattoo Del Tigre Chico Max
25/11/2004 Archive Live at the Ancienne Belgique
16/12/2004 Styrofoam Nothing's Lost
14/12/2004 Lamb What Sound
4/11/2004 Kings Of Leon Aha Shake Heartbreak
29/10/2004 The Hives Tussles In Brussels
3/06/2004 Franco Saint De Bakker Live at the Ancienne Belgiqe
10/10/2003 Gorki Het Beste Van Gorki Live
2/10/2003 Arid Live
31/03/2003 Nada Surf Live In Brussels
22/02/2003 Boudewijn De Groot Een avond in Brussel - live in de AB
17/11/2002 Compilation The Eastpack Resistance Tour (vol.1)
1/11/2002 Queens Of The Stone Age Songs For The Deaf + bonus CD
29+31/10/2002 De Mens Akoestisch
14/12/2001 Lamb What Sound
14/11/2001 Cowboy Junkies Open Road
11-14/09/2001 Bram Vermeulen Het beste van Bram Vermeulen: Voltooid Verleden Tijd
11/06/2001 Goldfrapp Utopia, Genetically Enriched
11/03/2001 Rachid Taha Rachid Taha Live
23/02/2001 De Mens Denk je nog aan mij
5/02/2001 The Kids Flabbergasted! Live @ AB
22-30/01/2001 El Tattoo Del Tigre El Tattoo Del Tigre
15/09/2000 Einstürzende Neubauten 09-15-2000, Brussles
7/10/2000 k's Choice Home
2/04/2000 Compilation Humo's Rock Rally Finale 2000
4/03/2000 Morgan Heritage Live! In Europe 2000
2/12/1999 Iggy Pop A million in prizes - Iggy Pop - The Anthology
3/04/1999 dEUS Humo Sampler
13/01/1999 Edith Piaf/Jo Lemaire Une Vie
5/06/1998 Marka L'homme Qui Aimait La Scène
4/03/1998 Steve Wynn My Midnight + Bonus CD Live At The Ancienne Belgique
1998? Dirk Blanchart Schietstoel
28/06/1997 Nighttown Orchestra The Walkabouts With The Nighttown Orchestra - Bruxelles
11/05/1997 Indochine Indo Live
17/11/1997 Apocalyptica Harmageddon
22/12/1996 Machiavel Live
16/01/1994 La Muerte  
24/02/1992 Crowded House Weather With You