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How do I order tickets online?
You can only order tickets online when you have an AB profile. How to create an AB profile?
Go to the concert page of your chosen concert. Click on ‘log in’ in the black box labelled ‘buy tickets’. Log in by entering your user name or email address and the password. Now you can click on the black section labelled ‘order tickets’.
In the reservation screen you can choose the number of tickets you want to purchase via the drop-down menu. If you want to order a Drink Voucher, you can also indicate that here.
Click on ‘Next’. You will now receive an overview of your order.

  • By clicking ‘Add more tickets’ you will be returned to the concert calender to order tickets for other concerts
  • By clicking ‘Cancel order’ you will cancel the order
  • By clicking ‘Check out’ you will be guided to the payment screen in order to finalise your order and choose a method of payment

When you click on Check Out, you will receive an overview of your entire order. You will be asked to confirm your email address. This is the address that the e-tickets will be sent to.

  • By clicking on ‘Go Back’ you will return to the previous screen and you can modify your order
  • By clicking on ‘Next’ you confirm the order

In the 'Delivery & Payment' screen you indicate a method of payment and click ‘Next’.
Did you choose to pay online? Then you will arrive at the payment page of your bank. Follow the instructions given. The e-tickets will be sent once the payment has been completed correctly.
Did you choose to pay by bank transfer? Then you will receive an invitation for payment via email, soon after correctly completing the order.

Where can I buy tickets?

How can I buy tickets? 

ONLINE: via  
AB TICKETSHOP: you can find the ticketshop at the main entrance of AB. 
FNAC: Click here to find out which AB concerts you can buy tickets for at FNAC.
In some cases, tickets are also offered via fan club pre-sales. These are organised through the official website of the band.
Please note: only purchase tickets via official sales channels. More info about illegal re-sale of tickets can be found via .

What are the various methods of payment online?
Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex), EFTPOS, online banking and bank transfer (when the concert takes place more than 12 days from date of order).

  • I chose to pay by credit card, EFTPOS or online banking: you will receive your e-tickets very soon after completion of payment.
  • I chose to pay by bank transfer: this is only possible for concerts that take place at least 12 days after the date of order. After placing the order you will receive an email with an invitation for payment. We ask that you make this payment within 3 working days. If this is not the case, then you will receive an email reminder. In the event that no payment follows, the order will then be cancelled. E-tickets will be issued once AB has received your payment. Please note: the processing of a bank transfer takes a few days to complete!

How do I receive my e-tickets?
Your e-tickets are sent to the email address with which you are registered on our website.

What do I do with my tickets after receiving them?

  • You print them out and bring them along to the concert
  • You download the pdf onto your smartphone via the link in your confirmation email
  • You save them in Passbook. Click in your confirmation email on the link for the Passbook tickets that you want to load onto your smartphone. Click on 'Add'. You can now open the tickets in Passbook.

Help, I've lost my e-tickets!

- Send, at least 24 hours prior to the concert, an email with the details of your order to Your tickets will be sent again to the email address with which you placed the order.
- You still have the confirmation email but have lost your printed out tickets? You can simply print your tickets out again by clicking on the link in the confirmation email.

How do I order Drink Vouchers?
Drink Vouchers can only be ordered online together with concert tickets. You can buy Drink Vouchers without buying tickets if you go to the AB Ticket Shop during the day.


How do I offer my tickets for sale?
Only people who bought tickets via our website can offer their tickets for sale via the exchange page.
Log in and go to the concert page of the concert you want to offer tickets for. Click 'I want to offer tickets for sale again’. 

What do I do when a buyer is interested in my tickets?
You can answer the message from a buyer by clicking on the link in the email received. Buyer and seller mutually agree upon how they make payment and transfer of the tickets.

My tickets have been sold: how do I remove the message?
Log in to our website and go the ticket exchange page of the concert you offered tickets for. Find your own message by clicking on ‘I am looking for tickets’. Next to your message you’ll see a button that says ‘delete’. Click on this button to remove your message from the exchange page.

Offering my tickets for sale online doesn't work.
Please note: only people who purchased tickets via our website are able to offer their tickets via the exchange page.
Is the ticket number correct? You can find it under the barcode, it is the last 6 numbers after the inclined stripe.


How does the waiting list work?

People who place themselves on the waiting list for a sold-out concert are the first to be informed when tickets become available. In that event, you will receive an email with a link to order your tickets. Placing your name on the waiting list does not oblige you to actually buy tickets.

How do I put myself on the waiting list?

Log in. Go to the concert page of the sold-out concert. Click on ‘Log in’ in the waiting list area there. It's that easy!

How do I know if I'm on the waiting list?

After registering, the message 'you have successfully been added to the waiting list' will appear at the top of the concert page.
When you open this concert page again later you will see that the area for the waiting list is no longer visible.

How do I buy tickets via the waiting list?

Click on the link in the waiting list email and follow the instructions. More info about how to order tickets.

Please note: Buying tickets via the waiting list can ONLY take place online via the link in the waiting list email. It is not possible to order these tickets with vouchers or to pay in the Ticket Shop.


How do I create a profile?

Click on Register in the top right corner of the homepage.

  • VIA FACEBOOK CONNECT: Click on ‘log in via Facebook’. Complete your details and then click on ‘Complete Registration’.
  • BASED UPON YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS: Enter your personal details and complete the registration by clicking on 'Next Step' each time. After completing the registration you will receive an email to activate your profile.

Do I have to create a profile to order tickets and to offer tickets for sale?


How do I log on?

Click 'Log in' in the top right corner of the homepage and enter the details with which you registered on our website.

I can't log in !

  • Forgotten your password? Click on ‘Forgotten password?’ and request a new password.


  • Have you already tried using another browser? Our website sometimes works better in Firefox or Google Chrome.
  • Other problems? Send an email to with a description of the problem.

How can I remove my profile?

Send an email to making mention of your username and the request to remove your profile from our website.


What is the AB concert voucher?

The perfect gift! You can put together the amount yourself, we offer cheques of 5, 10, 25, 30 and 50 euros. The vouchers are valid both online and in the AB Ticket Shop.

You can use the AB concert voucher to buy concert tickets and drink vouchers

The AB concert voucher is valid approximately for a year. The date of expiry is stated on the cheque.

Where can I order the AB concert voucher?

How can I use my AB concert voucher?

ONLINE: place an order online. In the screen ‘delivery and payment’ you enter your concert voucher number in the space under ‘use concert voucher’. Please note: enter the number without including hyphens or spaces! Click 'Add'.

  • Any remaining balance will remain on the voucher for use at a later date.
  • The entire order cannot be paid with the voucher? Then, in that same screen, choose a method of payment for the remaining amount.

Other vouchers that are valid in AB

Sodexo and the Culture Voucher. Click on your chosen voucher for more info.


 Will my tickets be refunded?

CANCELLED CONCERT: the tickets will be refunded.

  • You can send e-tickets to making mention of your bank account number.
  • Tickets that were purchased in the Ticket Shop can be sent back to AB Ticketshop, Anspachlaan 110, 1000 Brussels. Or you can bring them into the Ticket Shop personally.

How will my tickets be refunded?

The tickets will be refunded by bank transfer to the bank account of your choosing.


How do I stop receiving the AB mails?

Log in on the website and click on your profile name. Click on ‘My AB account’ and then on ‘AB mails’. Indicate ‘un-subscribe’ aside the emails you no longer wish to receive.

I want more AB mails!

Log in on the website and click on your profile name. Click on ‘My AB account’ and then on ‘AB mails’. Indicate ‘subscribe’ aside the emails you wish to receive.


Do I need to order a special ticket?

You don't have to order a special ticket. There is always enough room provided in the zone reserved for the minder mobile.

Does the person accompanying me require a ticket?

Persons accompanying you must also have a ticket.

Do I have to present myself somewhere?

Speak to one of the stewards when you arrive. He/she will guide you to the zone reserved for the minder mobile.


Can I purchase a DVD of concerts that were recorded?

Unfortunately not. AB never possesses the commercial exploitation rights of the recordings made and, as a result, may not offer recordings for sale.

Which concerts are put online?

Not every concert is filmed. Only films that we receive permission for. Depending on the rights we receive, some concerts are only broadcast live. Others are offered for a limited time (in part or in full) via stream.



What is the SNCB code on my ticket for?

With the SNCB code on your concert ticket you can order an e-train ticket for an advantageous price on the website of the SNCB. Your concert ticket itself is NOT a valid ticket for travel! The e-train ticket is valid for 1 return train journey in 2nd class, from the concertgoer’s Belgian train station of choice to Brussels-Central and back. The train trip linked to the e-train ticket falls under the NMBS Terms & Conditions of Travel.

Why order an SNCB ticket?

The AB is located within walking distance of Brussels_Central. Our concerts usually end at 10:30pm which means, in most cases, that you should have plenty of time to catch your last train home.

How can I order the SNCB e-train ticket?

All information about e-train ticket can be found on the website of the SNCB.

What does an SNCB e-train ticket cost?

The price of a same-day return ticket, departing from any train station in Belgium and going to Brussels-Central, is €9. Only one e-train ticket can be provided per SNCB-code. When you live close to Brussels, it will sometimes be cheaper to purchase your ticket via the usual channels and not via the SNCB-code on your concert ticket. You might be better off with the MIVB Event Pass on your concert ticket?

How long is my e-train ticket valid for?

The return journey must take place on the same day of travel. The return journey is possible until train services stop for the night.

Can I choose what station I depart from?

You can only depart from a Belgian train station. 

The return destination must be the same as the starting point of your journey. For instance: outbound Leuven-Brussels and return trip Brussels-Leuven is possible. Outbound Leuven-Brussels and return trip Brussels - Antwerp is not possible.

I depart from a non-belgian station, what now?

Foreign concertgoers can combine their e-train ticket with a (return trip) ticket that is valid on the foreign railway network up to the Belgian border. The e-train ticket is valid from the border to the Brussels-Central.

Is my SNCB e-train ticket valid on every train that goes to Brussels-Central station?

The e-train ticket is NOT valid on the Thalys, Eurostar or other high-speed trains. Travellers with Brussels-National-Airport as station of departure need to pay the Diabolo supplement too.

What is the route from Brussels-Central station to the AB?

Can I pass my train ticket on to someone else?

No. A train ticket is assigned by name and can’t be changed afterwards.

I’ve lost my nmbs e-train ticket.

You can get hold of a duplicate from SNCB by filling in the web form. For urgent assistance, you can call 0032 2 528 28 28.

The concert has been cancelled/postponed, what now?

Concert cancelled

  • I already used my SNCB code to purchase an e-train ticket.In that case, the NMBS will automatically refund the e-train ticket.
  • I haven’t used my SNCB code yet. It is no longer valid now.

Concert postponed

  • I already used my SNCB code to purchase an e-train ticket. In that case, the SNCB will automatically refund the e-train ticket.
  • I haven’t used my SNCB code yet. It is no longer valid now, you will receive a new code if you wish to keep your concert ticket for the new date of the concert.

What happens if there is a train strike or an incident on the train network?

If it should happen that assignable shortcomings occur, making train travel to and from Brussels impossible (eg: a broken overhead line, track incident) during the period your e-ticket is valid, then you can request a reimbursement from SNCB.

My SNCB code won’t work

You must only enter the numbers of your code, without the hyphens/“-“. Still having problems? Then contact SNCB .