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Watch out for ticket fraud: don’t let yourself be had!

- By in Varia

It happens more and more often: people google their favourite artist along with ‘tickets Belgium’. They end up on websites where tickets are sold at a many times the official purchase price.

But the website looks convincing and often they even guarantee that the tickets are legitimate. An empty promise: invalid admission tickets are regularly sold online.

That’s why AB asks you to ONLY purchase tickets via our website. It is safer and cheaper. So-called ticketing websites that you definitely want to avoid are the likes of

Tickets België 
Ticket Tribune 

Unfortunately this list is much longer, but these are the biggest players. You can find a more complete list on the website of I Love My Ticket.

Be extra cautious about emails you receive you receive from such websites. They look professional too, but are fraudulent in nature.

If you have purchased a ticket via an unofficial channel, then you can always submit a complaint to the Economic Inspection via this link.

See you soon in AB!

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  • Stef.Leunis586835

    If someone tells you he wants to sell you his tickets, how can we tell the tickets aren't fake?

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