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Our après-summer party: Global Street Sounds!

- By in Varia

We know, we know, the summer vacation is yet to begin BUT we have already made plans for an amazing and free après-vacation-AB-kick-off-party. Also known as Global Street Sounds!

After the looooooooooooooong holiday, all the senses may be goaded again… with a unique musical mix, culinary excursions, activities and attractions... Altin Gün, Meridian Brothers and Togo All Stars will play in the AB Main Hall and the likes of Alzarina, Ko Shin Moon, Dave Watts, Rrita Jashari, Baylene Selektah will play shows here and there throughout the Steenstraat.

We hope that July and August fly by. FLY!  :-)

More info about Global Street Sound can be found here.

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