AB seeks a Trainee, V/M/X for the communications department

It’s eight o’clock and my alarm is going off. I’m not sure where I am for a minute, but handily hit my mobile to sort it out. Oh, that’s right, a work day. Feeling a bit fuzzy from that smoking hot Jon Hopkins concert yesterday, what a stunner. The beats still crackle like firework in my head. I roll over and check my WhatsApp and Instagram. No important news and no mails yet. I jump in the shower, quickly fix a strong coffee, and eat a banana. Let the day begin. The sun is shining and the air carries an aroma of falling leaves.

Today is newsletter day. All the blogs written over the previous week have to be moulded into a well-formed letter. New concerts have to be announced in MailChimp. I write a blog myself too, on mobility. I researched the home-work commutes of my AB colleagues and how environmentally friendly they are in making them. They do do their best, my dear colleagues. What I absolutely mustn’t forget today: a second Zwangere Guy concert is to be announced. I need to fine-tune the photo in Photoshop, otherwise I won’t be able to get it online. I mustn’t forget to create the Facebook event either. The Tweet also has to be sent out into the world and I have to post something on Instagram too.

I have a meeting in the afternoon and we go over the concerts for the coming 2 months. Amparanoia will perform in AB on 29/01 and I’m going to work out a promo plan and try to reach the Spanish-speaking inhabitants of Brussels. Should work out fine, I know some Spanish institutions in Brussels and will try to convince them to promote this concert too. Meanwhile, another new dEUS concert has been announced – I quickly check that everything is online as it should be.

Meanwhile, I drop by the soundcheck for Beraadgeslagen in the club. Lander Gyselinck (STUFF.) and Fulco Ottervanger ( De Beren Gieren ) are totally up for it.  And they had just enough time for a photo that I will throw onto our social media channels in a minute. Oh, and I have to adjust the timing on our website, as the support-act is to start 15min earlier.

My day is not done yet. Once a week, I manage the guestlist in the evening. It’s also nice to sometimes meet the people that I otherwise mainly mail or call. It’s a way to get to know my other colleagues from the production team better too. Afterwards, I pop in to the concert to make an Instastory. On the way, I meet a mum with her daughter who is visiting the AB for the first time. They’ve come all the way from Luik and say that they’ve had the ‘the best concert night ever’. They’re clearly delighted. I make a record of it. This will be my item for #HumansOfAB.

Time to head home.  I’m already curious what tomorrow will bring, a new AB adventure.

Would you like to strengthen our team? We are seeking candidates for a period of at least 3 months, as of mid-January or as of early May. Respond before December 19! Please send your letter of motivation + CV to lp@abconcerts.be + clearly mention the period for which you are available.

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