Win a duo-ticket for Chad VanGaalen

At first glance, Chad VanGaalen seems to be an average guy from Calgary… until you hear his dark, psychedelic music. He summons up spirits in his songs and steers you through his very own world full of strange visions and spiritual guides. His now 6-album- strong repertoire is familiar with an exceptional degree of fantasy that the associated videos wonderfully portray.

He began his career as a one-man-band and regularly travelled to perform. But over the years his shows became increasingly infrequent and he withdrew into the studio more and more. There he worked on not only music but also his video animations, which have a very recognizable style. As video artist, he has already made clips for Holy Fuck and Timber Timbre, amongst others. 

Win a duo-ticket for Chad VanGaalen on Tuesday 29 May in AB. This competition runs until Wednesday 9 May.


Chad VanGaalen is also an animator and illustrator. With which short film did he win Best Canadian Short at the GIRAF Festival of Independent Animation?

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