WAЯ. will warm up the AB Club for Lotto Late Night with Dusky

The king behind the decks with an impelling choice of albums? That was the profile sought by Poppunt and AB as opener for yet another big party at Lotto Late Night with Dusky. During this search - via vi.be - there were no less than 77 candidates wanting to ensure that things get just that little bit hotter in the club. He who seeks shall find, as there can only be one ideal warmer-upper on 10/03 of course. None less than WAЯ. is to get the club geared up for a night of sultry beats and fantastic albums. With his unique sound, this DJ-talent is perfectly suited to Dusky and he's totally ready to make the club roar. DJ, turn it up! 

About waя.

Tight eclectic DJ sets, from house to techno, from Depeche Mode to ENiGMA, that's what waя. is all about. What started out in Limburg, quickly brought the young DJ to cities like London, Moscow and Shanghai. He already set Pukkelpop on fire and we bet he's going to do the same thing in the AB!

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