The very best of The Great Escape Brighton 2018

A wave of new talent washed up in Brighton last weekend for The Great Escape. These were our musical higlights:

Deliciously brutal, English punk. They had no problem passing their energy on stage on to the audience.


‘The new face of grime’ showed us that he deserves his nickname. His debut album, released in April, had clearly been played a lot by the audience who rapped along. Fantastic live show!


Poppy Ajudha
Fantastic jazz- and neo-soul songstress encircled by an impressive band. She effortlessly meets the high expectations and kept us on our toes from start to finish.


Gaika is dark, experimental electronica that tends toward hip-hop, dancehall, r&b and dub.


Sassy 009
This band consists of three friends from Oslo who combine genius weird, electronic beats with flute and get away with it too.


This is the rapper to keep an eye on. He has a very recognizable, unique sound that wavers somewhere between trap and grime.


Stella Donnelly
This Australian musician brings us fabulous, feminist folk.


Say Sue Me
Fine, South-Korean, jangling surf-rock. 


He was not to be found on the line-up, but appeared on stage Saturday evening as a surprise act. We were treated to a tight live set with raw raps and jagged beats.


Le Motel
Belgian beatmaker behind Roméo Elvis combines footwork,  hip-hop, techno, jazz and ethnic music from all over the world. Also genius solo!


Gus Dapperton, Lydmor, Sorry and Denzel Himself were also on our list of favourites.

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