The RITCS gets together with AB.

The RITCS I Royal Institute for Theatre, Cinema and Sound is located in the vibrant Dansaertstraat, a stone’s throw away from AB. But the two institutions don’t only share their proximity. A passion for the audiovisual sector, having an eye for quality, and an open outlook are what unite AB and the RITCS. The school has been preparing future makers of the audiovisual sector and the theatre for years now. Countless directors, actors, radio producers, writers, stage technicians, animators, editors, cameramen and soundwomen, production assistants and television producers graduate there every year. As of November 2018, first year students get the chance to gain experience in Brussels’ best concert venue and to produce videos that AB in turn will spread via its social media channels.

As of this school year, the course for audiovisual media has been thoroughly revised. The RITCS now works with an integrated program whereby the students are split up into student production houses. Within these houses they work on programs that will be broadcast on their very own RITCS television station: AIRBOX

The students are constantly looking for interesting content to present on their television station. Enter AB! There’s always something going on there, with more than 315 concerts per year, music festivals, and events. AB opens its (backstage) doors for these keen youngsters who in turn provide a fresh view of music and culture. In other words, the perfect opportunity for these young folks to work with world renowned artists. And a wonderful chance for AB to let a different voice be heard and to involve young makers in our operation. The perfect win-win!

Bekijk het voorlopige resultaat van deze samenwerking:

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