The new AB website: more personal than ever before

The lights have been turned off, and that was only to be expected. After welcoming 6.383.186 visitors, countless clicks and 4 years of working 24/7 without a single holiday, it is high time for a rest. We salute you, old AB website. A minute’s silence. But long live its brand new successor!

These are some of the best bits:

The new AB website


The new website is more personal than ever. Select your favourite artists to get a customised calendar and music tips, and to be first in line when tickets for that long-awaited concert go on sale.

It’s also easier than ever before to buy tickets using your smartphone, as the new website is fully optimised for mobile. From now on, you can pay with a debit card using a QR code, so no need for an annoying digipass. And once you've purchased those highly coveted tickets, you can download them to your smartphone as a PDF or in your wallet app.

Never lose your tickets again. Have you left them at home? Not a problem: from now on, you can retrieve your ticket history from your profile on our website.

Thirsty, but not keen on queueing at the machines or till? Just buy your tokens on your phone and head straight for the bar.

Unable to attend a concert because the cat is ill? It’s now even easier to sell your tickets through Ticketswap. Offer your tickets for sale, and the lucky sod to snap them up will automatically receive your ticket with a new name. 

No one understands you like our new website does. And it looks good too! Are you ready to fall in love?

Surf away!

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